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The ReliefMates™ neck traction device is a premium inflatable neck pillow designed to be an easy-to-use solution for solving a number of neck, shoulder and head related problems. It works to remove strain from the cervical spine and supports the weight of the head for pain relief.

Inflatable Neck Traction offers support for:

✅  Cervical neck spasms, radiculopathy & spondylosis
✅  Dizziness, headaches & migraines
✅  Herniated, compressed or bulged discs
✅  Neck, shoulder & muscle pain
✅  Back & cervical decompression
✅  Improved posture and neck alignment


The neck traction device is easy to use! Just place the device around your neck, adjust the Velcro straps and inflate to a comfortable level. Watch our quick video on how to get started!


Wearing a neck traction collar will help prevent neck injury and further pain. As a result, maintaining a straight neck and back will help promote joint mobility and flexibility. Most users report improvement in neck, head/back stiffness, discomfort, fatigue and stress.


Neck traction offers support for relieving, as well as preventing pain in the neck and shoulder areas. It helps unload the cervical area of the spine and helps support the weight of the head. Benefits of using the device include:

  • Better Blood Circulation

    Increased blood flow and circulation to all areas around the neck and shoulders.

  • Better Oxygen Flow to Muscles

    Provides increased oxygen to muscles, nerves and tendons for all neck and shoulder areas.

  • Better Mood & Relaxation

    With up to 20 minutes twice per day, you will feel more relaxed with improved mood.

  • Better Results

    Designed to alleviate pain, you will notice better results in neck and shoulder mobility.

  • What does Neck Traction help with?

    Herniated Disc, Pinched Nerve, Dizziness, Headache, Chronic Neck/Shoulder Pain, Neck Arthritis, Cervical Neck Spasms

  • Who is ReliefMates Neck Traction for?

    Aging People, Computer Users, Gamers, Office Workers, Sedentary Lifestyles, Smartphone Users


    Simply place the traction device around your neck with the velcro straps and inflate until your chin and head rests on the device.

  • FREE shipping & Money Back Guarantee

    Free shipping for orders in the USA and United Kingdom! If you are not satisfied with our Neck Traction device, you may return the item within 30 days for a refund.

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I’ve had cervical neck problems for many years and have been taking pains medication to help with my issues. After coming across this device, I’m glad to say I’m seeing an improvement with my pain levels. I was never familiar with these neck devices until recently and I’m glad I’ve run into them. For me, this seems to be an improvement in addition to the medication I’m currently taking. Will continue to use.

I decided to try this and see if it would help with my neck stiffness. I tend to have an issue sleeping incorrectly (which I need to work on) and tend to wake up with a sore neck. It can last a majority of the day, which is rather cumbersome. Using neck traction really helps with this, as the stiffness subsides quickly soon after putting it on. Seems to be a good solution to this. I will keep this handy as I’m sure this will happen again - haha!

Last summer, I hit my head and twisted my neck, which is causing pain on the left side of my neck. Ever since this event, I been dealing with pressure and shooting pains anytime I twist or turn my head incorrectly. I will also get intermittent soreness in the same area. What's great about using this neck pillow is that it restricts my movement enough to not allow my to move my head so much while sitting down. It also relieves pressure on my neck. This is another thing I tend to deal with when not moving my head around. Thanks for being able to provide a great product!